DSLR v apps

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

Looking back at the need for a DSLR over a high-end specification smartphone, it is clear that the two options of kit for general photography are beginning to blur and the trend is set to continue in 2020.

As a professional photographer, I am often asked what camera I would recommend to budding photographers, or companies that wish to capture projects and PR images for business. Of late I have asked what they wish to achieve – if seeking pictures purely for PR and websites, a good smartphone is probably the best option.

Why, because they are easy to understand, easy to use and probably offer the best overall output. Should you be wishing to get seriously into photography, possibly for capturing images for brochures, a budget or mid-range camera from the leading brands such as Canon, Nikon or Sony would be a good choice.

If you wish to improve your photography skills there is no need to get a DSLR initially; I would suggest looking to adopt a more in-depth photography app such as camera.plus, which will allow the smartphone to put itself into a manual mode.

From this mode you can begin to understand how shutter speed and aperture work together, plus there is the option of adjusting the sensor’s sensitivity. These are possibly the most important issues to understand, and for more information and tutorials I’ve always referred to cambridgeincolour.com which is a great resource for beginners and experienced alike.