Diversify, adapt and connect

By Liniar’s Simone Sangha.

The Covid pandemic upended how businesses operate, including the way marketers target consumers.

We’ve seen those who have put time into planning and strategising are much better than those who failed to do so. During the whirlwind of 2020, customer habits have inevitably evolved with a particular focus on time spent online. With this, marketers have had to flex their original strategy, with no choice but to put more time and resources into building their online presence.

In this column, I will discuss three key areas where marketers should focus in 2021.

Diversify: utilise technology. Businesses are quickly transforming and finding ways to be more efficient online. 2020 taught us that staying stagnant in our processes can become dangerous and many companies have embraced technology at a much faster rate than before.

Look into using even more technology in 2021, whether that’s investment in online quoting platforms, ecommerce, or apps to help streamline existing processes. Diversify your digital marketing operations this year and build an online presence that stands out.

Adapt: update local SEO. Lockdown restrictions have meant more consumers are searching for businesses online, with many buyers now shopping local to help businesses that are struggling in the pandemic. Therefore, updating your website’s local search engine optimisation (SEO) has never been more vital.

I recommend updating your Google My Business page and structured schema as well as your targeted landing pages, ensuring you include relevant keywords to show up in front of more of the right people in your area.

Connect: develop relatable content. Building valuable relationships when retaining and acquiring consumers is more imperative than ever. The marketing industry has reported that those who feel closer to a brand or company tend to have a much stronger sense of loyalty, irrespective of price, convenience and other factors that may otherwise sway them.

Companies can improve this human connection through relatable content, and communicating the core values that both affect the business and the community.

Many businesses in our industry have already seen the benefits of using technology in their digital strategies in 2020. This should be continued, with marketers being aware of the need to adapt, diversify, and connect in order to resonate with their audience in 2021.

Bonus tip: ensure your website is engaging and content rich. I’d recommend getting some internal and external feedback on poorly performing pages (look out for a bounce rate of over 70% to determine this).