Digital marketing made easy

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant Secure, discusses how the company is developing digital marketing opportunites for its locksmith and door customers with Ultion On Your Site and Sweets On Your Site.

With the last ever print run of the Yellow Pages concluding in a matter of months, we will all experience the closure of a traditional marketing channel. Yet, we are faced with the opportunities that lie within digital content and media. Larger companies are increasingly well versed in digital marketing within the marketing mix, but have we as an industry supported our customers to the best of our digital abilities?

While many traditional hardware companies produce a product catalogue and perhaps flyers, we’ve always looked at ways to better support the marketing and sales support needs of our customers. We’re in the digital era and consumers are well versed with the instant power of the internet as a research medium.

Our existing Ultion website was hugely successful with more than 140,000 unique visitors in the last 12 months alone. But since its creation three years ago we have watched how viewing habits have changed. In October we enjoyed more than 17,000 unique visitors, as the site continues to engage more security conscious consumers and pro-active trade businesses.

We’ve completely re-developed the website for Ultion with a cleaner look than its predecessor that’s just as striking on desktop, tablet or mobile. The overriding goal was to offer visitors an engaging digital experience using new high definition computer generated imagery and 4K video content.

But the most powerful digital development is for our customers. Ultion On Your Site takes all of the best bits of our new website, puts them onto a single web page and then puts this page onto our customers’ websites. Application takes only a couple of minutes – the insertion of a single line of script puts a banner link onto the customer’s website and it’s also been extended to our Sweet range of door furniture with Sweets On Your Site.

Ultion On Your Site and Sweets On Your Site use only one link and so we’ve included a ‘return to main site’ facility that sends the user back to our customers’ websites, so they keep their visitor.

One of the first customers to adopt Ultion On Your Site has been Porta-Dors, with managing director Theresa Dyer saying: “Ultion On Your Site was so easy to incorporate within our website, that I did it myself on five different pages. The result is that our customers are fully informed about the performance of Ultion vs other cylinders, as we’re selling both a door and the perceived security that goes with it. Now over 90% of customers opt for Ultion, with the expectation to get this close to 100% in the coming months.”

Ultion On Your Site and Sweets On Your Site allow installers, door manufacturers and locksmiths to sell more products. It’s free, simple to adopt and has been designed to be inserted on any webpage size and format with a choice of banner size.

While the printed copies of the Yellow Pages may be ceasing, digital sales tools are now becoming more powerful than ever.