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Rob McGlennon
Rob McGlennon

Deceuninck won the Promotional Campaign of the Year G-Award thanks to a close working relationship with Lasco Marketing. We talk to managing director, Rob McGlennon, to find out why.

In 2022, Deceuninck won the Promotional Campaign of the Year G-Award, which followed on from the highly contended Sustainability Initiative of the Year G-Award the year previously.

“For more than two years now, we have decided to put our incredible investment in our carbon reduction programme at the very centre of our communications,” Rob explains. “It took a real leap of faith, because it moved us away from traditional marketing output, and towards something that, at the time, was not a mainstream message.

“By working with the team at Lasco Marketing, we put together a clear and effective strategy that not only raised awareness of the importance of sustainability, but to bring others on the journey with us. And this won us the G-Award last year.”

Deceuninck’s pledge to cut the CO2 emissions from its own operations (Scope 1&2) by 60% by 2030 from a 2021 baseline was followed up by extensive consumer research into end-user attitudes to sustainability.

This gave the company a clear understanding of how important sustainability and carbon reduction is to the end-user, and how Deceuninck could differentiate itself.

“Through a series of customer workshops in 2022 what became very clear was that we, our customers, and the wider industry would only realise the commercial advantages that sustainability could deliver if we could empower and equip fabricators and installers to carry that message to the end-user,” Rob explains. “And fabricators and installers couldn’t do that without their own data.”

In other words, while a sustainable window system was vital, so were the marketing tools that accompanied it. Together, Deceuninck and Lasco Marketing developed a strategy and toolkit that would drive engagement at the consumer level, and demonstrate a commercial advantage for fabricators and installers.

An early online tool was the Carbon Calculator, which helped fabricators and installers to measure and then reduce their carbon footprint. Deceuninck followed this up by creating tools that would allow them to market sustainability effectively to their respective audiences.

For fabricators, these included: an over-printable sustainability brochure; plug-and-play website content; e-shots; social media assets; and presenter decks.

For installers, Deceuninck created the same assets but with distinct b2c messaging aimed at the end-user. This was supplemented with additional marketing collateral including: door-drop leaflets; sustainability logos; showroom pull-up banners; wall decals; and flyers.

This was further supported by the Deceuninck energy calculator, which allows homeowners to input the number of windows and doors, how old they are, and the specification of the new windows and doors that they are considering.

The Deceuninck calculator pulls in current gas and electricity prices to work out the potential energy and financial savings replacement windows will deliver. Not only does this communicate the environmental and financial savings new windows and doors can offer, but it also delivers valuable leads.

“Lasco’s involvement in this strategy began much earlier than the delivery of the marketing materials,” Rob explains. “They were originally involved in developing the market research we conducted with YouGov, which found that more than 40% of respondents were prepared to pay more for products that they see as being greener.

“A further 70% said that the carbon footprint of new windows and doors would also influence their purchasing decisions.

“At no point were we trying to second-guess homeowners – our whole strategy was built on understanding the market through research, and then bringing our customers on the journey with us.

“We not only helped them to realise the commercial benefits from promotion of sustainability but also to lower their environmental impact, driving a genuine change in behaviour and social good.

“This is the power of an excellent marketing strategy, and I’m proud that we won an award as a result of it,” Rob concludes.

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