A constructive and positive start

By Ben Brocklesby, director at Origin.

The new year is always an exciting time for businesses. It can either be used to draw a metaphorical line in the sand, allowing a fresh start, or act as a marker where businesses use the accomplishments of the previous year to kick on and achieve further success.

At Origin, 2019 was a hugely positive year in terms of product launches, sales growth, accreditations, national television adverts, award wins and much more, so we will be using the new year as a launchpad to grow and achieve even more in 2020. For over 25 years, the confidence we have in our product quality and the unbeatable service we provide to our partners have acted as our bedrock, and it will continue to do so as we move forward.

We see 2020 as an opportunity to strengthen partner relationships, while growing the number that we have on board. We have nearly 900 partners in the UK, offering fantastic national coverage, but there is still room to improve. A key ambition for 2020 is to increase the support we offer to our partners. If we can instil an even greater trust in our products and promises, we will empower them to sell more Origin products above the competition, helping us grow our percentage of sales within their businesses.

As of November 2019, we achieved an otif rate of 92.5%. This is incredibly high given how much could go wrong with manufacturing bespoke products with no lead times, but we know that we have to work even harder in 2020 to reach a perfect 100%. As we continue to deliver what we promise, the trust our partners have in us increases, and this gives them the confidence to more regularly recommend Origin products to homeowners.

We will also be offering improved training opportunities to our partners. With a full suite of products now available, it is more important than ever that Origin partners fully understand the intricacies our systems provide to homeowners and the benefits we offer to them as a business.

We will be hosting beginner and advanced training sessions, both at our HQ and, for specific partners, at their own facilities. This will allow everyone to really reap the full rewards of selling our products.

And we will continue to offer training sessions on marketing, sales and customer support, giving our partners the tools necessary to make 2020 their best year yet.

I am incredibly excited about what the year ahead holds, not just for Origin, but for all of our partners. A more settled political landscape might just be what we need to start the year in a constructive and positive fashion.