A 21st century composite door

Dan Sullivan, MD of Doorco gives Glass Times readers a preview of the new Links door.

Customers tell us that Doorco has earned its reputation for innovation and we’re proud of the firsts we’ve notched up to date. These include: the Combi, which is the stock saving, flexible solution of seven doors in one blank; the Farmhouse with its enhanced security features offered as standard; and the Smart Door, pre-apertured to save time and money. And now we’re bringing to market another first.

Analysts forecast that the aluminium entrance door market will grow by 27% over the next three years. Doorco customers will be leading this growth and their businesses – small, medium and large – will be the first to benefit from the next big home improvement market thanks to Links. The unique Links comprises a contemporary GRP etched skin on a non-woodgrain finish flush door, combined with the latest in modern door designs and glazing solutions. It looks like aluminium and feels like aluminium – it is a composite door for the 21st Century.

Links is a game changer for the composite door market. It will be making its first outing on various stands at the FIT Show, but we wanted to share the benefits now. Anyone who deals with Doorco knows one thing is certain: we do what we say we’ll do. This is the result of close collaboration with Doorco Korea that means that we can bring relevant and appropriate products to market. Fast. Literally, if an idea comes to me or is suggested by a customer and it makes sense, then we’re straight on it.

Less than one year ago, we started researching the opportunity to bring to market a totally unique, non-woodgrain composite door designed to open up new markets and revenue streams for our customers. This is precisely what the Links has been engineered to do, as even the name itself indicates. It brings together the current offering of premium aluminium door sets but with all the material and value for money benefits that the market expects from composite doors.

Customers who have had a sneak preview tell us Links looks like aluminium and feels like aluminium. Designed to match and complement aluminium profile, there is a multitude of design choices for glazing incorporating the market leading Inox and Urban systems which sit just 3mm from the door’s surface. And of course, because Links is built on the highest quality composite material in today’s UK market, it will not dent or warp. This means we can offer a 20-year structural guarantee and a 10-year paint guarantee.

The shape of the composite door market has shifted significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of one supplier with one product offering. This means choice for the sector and a far healthier market for everyone. Launching Links is proof of Doorco’s commitment to maintaining a market of choice when it comes to composite doors. We’ll continue to invest on behalf of the supply chain and ensure that we always try to raise the bar on customer service and delivery on robust operational targets whilst staying at the forefront of innovation.

For a preview of the Links door, call Dan Sullivan on 07976 720302.