Premium products in demand

The latest data from Tommy Trinder has added further weight to previous market research on the continuing demand for premium products at the higher end of the home improvement sector.

More than £155 million of work was quoted via Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint system in July, according to the company’s CEO, Chris Brunsdon, up 35% year on year.

He adds that aluminium and timber products now account for 40% of quotes, and that value added features such as foils, flush casements and mechanical joints are in demand on PVC-U systems.

Framepoint data highlights that 41% of PVC casements are now ordered with a foil, a figure that rises to 81% for flush systems.

The findings are a further indication that, in a more challenging market, installers should be partnering with suppliers that can deliver a strong portfolio of higher value products if they are to remain competitive and realise the full potential of ongoing demand.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all seen the doomsday scenarios surrounding the rise of Artificial Intelligence, but there are plenty of benefits for businesses that are ready to embrace it.

I highlighted recently how the GGF has used AI to create technical department video updates for the benefit of members, and the federation is not the only industry organisation learning to adopt the technology.

Go Glass, a Cambridge based specialist glass supplier with over four decades of industry experience, is using AI to bolster its customer services, speed up R&D and improve operational efficiencies.

The company’s managing director, Tracy Saunders, says AI has given her the resources of a much larger company, giving Go Glass a competitive advantage, but she does not see it as a replacement for staff.

Instead, it helps to free up additional time and resources elsewhere in the business. That includes being able to hire someone for dedicated telemarketing – a relatively old fashioned role but one that underlines the fact that the industry is still very much about ‘people’.