Is wholesale change on the cards?

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell wonders if the construction industry will adapt to changing

The collapse of Carillion, the Grenfell Tower fire, the reported poor quality of new build homes, and the lack of skilled labour – some of the things that are putting construction under the spotlight.

Personally, I think we are heading for a perfect storm, which will have a profound effect on how the construction industry operates. I think the areas that will see most change will be procurement and the skills shortage.

Therefore, I was interested to see a story cross my desk this week from the House of Lords which took a view on off-site construction. I was interested because many of the points raised were views I’ve held for a number of years.

The press release said: “Off-site manufacture requires collaboration between clients, designers and contractors from an early stage but much of the evidence the committee received painted a picture of a construction sector that is fragmented and lacking in trust.”

This view of construction reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a leading figure in the glass and glazing industry, and they said: “Quantity surveyors go in after the battle is won and bayonet the dying.”

It made me laugh, but hopefully it won’t be relevant in, say, ten years’ time.