Glass Times Race Day is back!

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell celebrates some very welcome news.

Not one, but two Glass Times Race Days were cancelled last year: our familiar and very popular one at the beginning of July at Haydock Park; and the second inaugural one in September at Epsom Downs, launched to be more accessible to companies based in the south.

This week, we’ve learned that both are back on: Haydock on July 1, and Epsom on September 9.

And that possibly makes the Glass Times Race Day at Haydock Park the first big event in the fenestration industry following the lifting of the lockdown restrictions.

Needless to say, tables are already selling out very quickly, so if you want a quick fix for your industry socialising needs (while celebrating emerging from one of the most challenging periods in our country’s history) then you should contact Andy Westhead as soon as possible.

The Race Day has always been about celebration. Yes, it is a fine opportunity to network, but many companies use the event as a way of rewarding employees, or celebrating business growth with a day out with colleagues.

There are no long drawn-out speeches (I keep mine down to two minutes – honest) and the day is all about having a drink with friends, winning money on the horses (apparently some people manage it), and enjoying a day out with friends.

And, this year I think we all need that more than ever!

Make sure you book the Friday off as well.