Auf Wiedersehen Kochanie

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell responds to news that trade associations are warning of a post-Brexit labour shortage.

The fact that seven construction trade bodies are warning of a ‘cliff edge’ regarding labour post Brexit, is not something that should be dismissed as scare-mongering.

Despite ongoing developments in onsite technology, and the continuous product development that removes complicated installation, the need for a skilled workforce is still as acute as ever. And wherever in the supply chain this labour shortage occurs, it will have an impact on everyone – be that delays, squeezed margins due to inflated wages, or call-backs due to incompetence.

Brian Berry, chief executive of the Federation of Master Builders, said: “We know we need to step up as an industry and train more home-grown talent but we also have to be realistic about the future. There will continue to be some ongoing need for migrant workers and our post-Brexit migration rules will need to be fit for purpose.”

The next step is, of course, is to do our bit and promote the glass and glazing industry as a vibrant and rewarding industry in which to work, and to develop an education framework to match.

Furthermore, I want to continue the discussion regarding training, and I invite everyone’s views on the subject.