Quietly confident

The owners of an airport hotel recently turned to Stockport-based Cheadle Glass and fabricator Glazerite to help resolve hotel customers’ complaints about the nearby trainline.

Using Veka M70 frames fabricated by Glazerite, the Cheadle Glass team installed 80 double-glazed windows over a three-week-period at the Clayton Hotel, Manchester Airport. The install replaced existing windows at the back of the hotel that are closest to the railway lines, and match the original windows installed to the front of the hotel.

Dalata, the Irish hotel operator that owns the Clayton chain, was so impressed with the install it has approached Cheadle to work on further installations across the UK.

Karl Minter, commercial sales manager at Cheadle Glass, said: “The install included the use of acoustic glass, which, combined with the frame quality and how well the units were sealed and fitted, meant we were able to provide a soundproof solution for the client and block out the noise of the trains.

“Dalata tested and measured the results, and was delighted with the outcome. We pride ourselves on the excellent and consistent service we provide to our customers, and we’re supported in this by Glazerite who we’ve worked with for the last 10 years. The quality and workmanship that goes into the fabrication of their frames, as well as things like the integrity of the lock systems and hardware they use, mean we’re able to install a high-quality product.”