Interior glass contract

Indeglas is set to undertake supply work to the value of £half-a-million for purpose-built offices on Belfast’s riverside of Allstate NI, the IT support arm of Allstate Corporation, a US insurance company.

Indeglas has been contracted to provide all interior glass solutions, including meeting rooms, boardrooms and individual offices. In addition, it is providing freestanding writable screens. These high-tech screens operate like a whiteboard, but due to an interlayer within the glass, anything written or drawn on the board can be saved by camera then wiped off leaving no residue.

“We are particularly proud of the freestanding writable glass solutions,” Jeanette MacIntyre, managing director of Indeglas, said. “The ability to have group strategy discussions, notes, ideas, and targets displayed on these attractive, interlayered glass panels located at each desk cluster is an innovative solution which represents the kind of joined-up thinking we like to make available to all our clients.”