Built to a gold standard

Dowsil and Geocel high performance construction sealant products were selected for the cladding of a new project in Dublin’s financial district.

As part of the Exchange Building development, a comprehensive curtain wall and stone cladding package was designed, manufactured and installed by Alucraft.

This package made use of a range of high-performance sealant products, such as Dowsil 791 Weatherproofing Sealant and 993 Structural Glazing Sealant, all supplied by The Sherwin Williams Company, with Alucraft’s installation sub-contractor supplying natural stone elements for part of the facade where Geocel 925 NS features.

Along with routine logistical support for the contractors, Sherwin Williams’ technical sales manager for Ireland Adrian Flynn provided data on existing accreditations and data from testing carried out specific to the project’s requirements. This included stone compatibility testing to establish that the sealants would not cause any staining to the stone cladding chosen.

The Exchange Building’s exterior envelope is striking, with complex combination of stone cladding, sloped atrium glazing and stick-build, as well as unitised curtain walling – all weatherproofed using Dowsil 791.

Dowsil 791 is typically used to seal glass-to-glass joints in commercial glass buildings where the IGU comprises of a Dowsil secondary sealant such as Dowsil 3363.

Dowsil 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant is specifically formulated for modern architectural designs that feature larger glass areas, and particularly on tall buildings where wind and other loads are generally higher.

Geocel 925 Non-Staining Facade Joint Sealant was used on the development to fix the Silver White Pedras Salgas Stone cladding, with Geocel 925 used to seal the open joints in-situ.

Geocel 925 is a one-part high performance polymer-based sealant developed for use on prestige properties exposed to extreme weather conditions and UV light, as well as aggressive atmospheric conditions.

The Exchange Building was built to a grade A standard, with an A3 energy rating, as well as a LEED Gold environmental standard.