Withstanding attacks

XtremeDoor has thwarted two separate break-in attempts in the space of a few weeks, it has been reported.

XtremeDoors, installed at a new-build property in Southampton and a Eurocell depot in Camberley, fought off burglars with crowbars, wheelie bins used as battering rams, and even a car.

“It’s never good to hear about incidents like these, and our sympathies are with the property owners for any damage that the would-be burglars might have caused,” Vista’s managing director Keith Sadler said, “but it’s fantastic to hear that in both cases the XtremeDoor stood up to everything the criminals could throw at it.

“We specifically designed the XtremeDoor to rank among the most secure doors on the market. It’s PAS 24 approved and fully compliant with Document Q, passing the stringent cut-through test. It’s also achieved the Secured By Design accreditation – and now, on top of these rigorous quality and security checks, we have two real-world examples of the XtremeDoor providing the most robust resistance to attempted break-in.”

The latest version of the product comes with a 100% thicker 4mm GRP skin.

“The GRP constructed composite door has come in for some criticism in the past, and has been dismissed by some as a ‘foam filled’ door set,” Keith said. “But there’s a huge amount more to it than that. GRP was designed to be able to resist heavy impacts. In World War 2, the Royal Navy even used it as a counter-measure against magnetic mines. Document Q told us it can withstand knives – now we know it can withstand wheelie bins, crowbars and cars, too. If the assailants weren’t aware of its security credentials before, they certainly are now.”

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