Welding capacity doubled in six months

Flair Windows invested in its first SMR-4 four-head welder from Haffner Murat last November, and the fabricator was so impressed that it recently bought its second.

Ryan Lugg, director at Flair Windows, said: “Our experience with the SMR-4 welder is that it does everything we were told it could do. It’s very easy to use – even our apprentices have picked it up with no problem. More importantly, it has helped us improve the quality of our finished product and the speed of our manufacturing. It has made a real difference to our production, which is why we’ve just invested in a second machine.”

The SMR-4 welds corners, transoms and cruciforms on all heads. The heads automatically position for corner and transom support fence positioning, and it has self centering transom alignment. It is easy to operate and an essential purchase for any fabricator looking to move up a level.

“We researched the market thoroughly before deciding to invest in the SMR-4,” Ryan said. “We hadn’t worked with Haffner Murat before but the advice we received from Dave Thomas and Andy Webb was superb and was instrumental in us choosing their machinery.”