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Saint-Gobain Glass has launched a new video that promotes the success of the Planitherm Network featuring some of those who are already benefiting from the initiative.

Saint-Gobain Glass has developed resources for Planitherm Network members to use to educate and inform homeowners about the difference the right type of glass can make to their homes.

Four fabricators and installers share their views in the video about how being a member of the Planitherm Network has helped their business and their customers.

Tracey Hill from Ideal Window Solutions said: “After us fitting the comfort glass for example, which helps to reduce traffic noise by 20%, we’ve had several customers come back to us and ask us to change all of their glass in all of their windows in their properties.

“I would highly recommend using the Planitherm Network to other fabricators and installers just because you’re able to give a more transparent offering to the retail customer base in a very clear and concise manner.”

Andrew Brown from The KJM Group, praised the marketing and training support provided by the Planitherm Network.

“The Planitherm Comfort range of glass provides the homeowner with a user-friendly guide to choose the most suitable glass for their home,” he said.

“As a Planitherm Network member we benefit from plenty of marketing support, which is great because it means we’ve got literature in the form of brochures we can pass out to our customers as and when they come into the showroom.

“We also have training specifically for our salespeople, which is going to instil confidence in them so when it comes to talking to the homeowner, we’re passing on all the correct, accurate information onto them.”

Jody Vincent from Emplas Window Systems, which works with around 150 installers around the country, said: “I think it’s great that the three choices of the comfort range have been put into layman’s terms that the homeowner understands without bamboozling them with U-values and g-values, so it’s worked really well with our customers.

“It’s also helped us to grow our glass side of the business and it’s helped our installers grow organically as well.”

The Planitherm range comprises three options: Energy Standard for maximum energy efficiency; Comfort, which also offers enhanced security, noise reduction and furniture fade protection; and Comfort Plus for all these benefits plus solar control for sunny rooms.

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