Unleash your true potential

By Elumatec.

Often investment decisions are driven by a few key parameters: does the machine do what you need?; is it reliable?; are spares available?; is it easy to use?; what’s the likely payback period?

These are all valid considerations, but one thing is often missed: what would be the benefits of going just a bit beyond your basic needs?

Last year we delivered a machining centre to a business that specialises in bespoke aluminium fabrications and makes extensive use of 2D and 3D CAD technology. It came to us with a wish list, and the model we recommended − an SBZ-122/74 – ticked every box.

One of the features of this machine is that it can operate using standard software, which makes it a very cost-effective solution. But, before the deal was done, we suggested that the buyer take a close look at the potential of using this machine alongside our eluCad software.

This isn’t about upselling or putting pressure on buyers. It’s about enabling them to think about new ways of working. And yes, there’s an extra cost involved, but the payback can be enormous.

This particular customer took some time to make the decision to upgrade the machine’s operating software but now, they are raving about the decision, which is said to be transforming their operation. We’re not surprised; eluCad has a great reputation. And so it should because it’s powerful.

One of the key benefits for an operation that engages mainly in bespoke work − or indeed for any business that produces a variety of output − is the ability to programme and set up the machining centre in advance. Crucially, this can take place while the machine is operating. The result is a massive reduction in downtime, and the potential for both increased production volumes and shorter lead times.

Our customer reported that their machining volume had doubled. In other situations, such capabilities could remove the need to outsource production, or ensure a lucrative, time-bound contract was secured.

eluCad can be linked to other software too. Our customer has integrated its quotation system, and setting up production jobs now takes minutes. It can be handled from anywhere in the world, but it’s proving very convenient for our customer’s design team to program our machine using eluCad in the office. Templates are exported directly from the 3D CAD software straight into eluCad, saving substantial time and reducing the potential for errors. Instead of waiting for a job to be completed and starting the whole set-up process from scratch, you can have the next fortnight’s work pre-programmed and ready to be machined.

Imagine the potential of that. Key individuals have more flexibility in how they work. Last-minute changes can easily be accommodated. Accuracy is improved. Waste or scrap reduced. What’s more, because we deliver training that’s built around the customer, we’re able to boost the efficiency still further. We tailor our training to the customer and how they want to work, but we can’t resist the opportunity to offer them a wealth of tips and tricks on everyday tooling and machining.

Next time you’re thinking of a machinery acquisition, keep an eye on the budget but don’t be afraid to think about the potential of investing a little bit more in advanced software.

eluCad is designed around the needs of users. It’s quick to learn, variables are easy to program, and the control is spot on. It ensures that CNC technology is an asset to a business and not a barely used luxury that few people know how to handle. Upgrading your software could deliver returns that far exceed your original ambitions.