Two-part cill

Spectus Window Systems recently introduced the new universal two-part cill to its product portfolio.

The two-part cill means that window cills are now installed in a two-step process: firstly, the cill receiver is fitted during the construction process; and secondly the cill nose is clipped on upon project completion.

Carmen Velilla, Spectus’s brand manager, said: “Its intelligent design eliminates the perennial problem of damage to the cill nose during transit or during the construction process which is great news for both the fabricator and installer.”

The two-part cill was showcased by Epwin Window Systems at this year’s FIT Show.

“Our customers welcomed the simplicity of the product and the value it offers,” Carmen said.

The cill comes with a choice of cill noses and is available in all the 28 colours in the Spectrum colour range. It is compatible with both their Elite 70 and Elite 63 systems.

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