Training menu expanded

BM Aluminium has broadened its training menu so that there is something to suit every customer who wants to get the most from their LogiKal software installation, regardless of budget or location, the company said.

Technical implementation manager Perry Mace said the company’s priority is to ensure that customers get value for money, both from their training and from their software.

The menu now includes online training sessions using both Teamviewer software and telephone support, dedicated training courses at BM Aluminium’s headquarters, and onsite training at customers’ own premises.

“We will always guide customers to the best option for their needs, depending on the experience of their operators, the number of people being trained, and the complexity of their set up,” Perry said. “Online training is by far the most popular option at the moment. This is ideal for new customers with one LogiKal license or as a way of training new starters but, if customers want to train several staff at the same time, then it’s always worth thinking about a group session with us at Tewkesbury. This is away from the distractions of the office and we always tailor the content in advance so that it is bespoke to each customer and their specific objectives.”

BM Aluminium’s onsite training courses are generally now reserved for customers who are setting up LogiKal for the first time, and have a team of people who need training all together. Perry is keen to stress though that customers can opt for a mix and match menu of training options as they progress with LogiKal and integrate the software further into their operations.

He said: “We are very focused on helping customers to do more with the software that they already have. Our training is not just about introducing new users; much of the payback from our training comes from demonstrating new features and even shortcuts so that customers can operate even more efficiently. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to providing outstanding customer service.”