The votes are in

The results are in from an online poll by Ultraframe about whether homeowners prefer a traditional or modern orangery – with a resounding 74% choosing the modern style.

The contemporary orangery which took the vast majority of the votes was created using the Ultrasky roofing system, along with super insulated columns and the flat cornice.

Ultraframe marketing director Alex Hewitt said: “While there is certainly still a place for traditional orangeries, the modern orangery is suited to many more homes and fits perfectly with the strong, clean lines that are so popular in current home trends. The modern orangery image shown in our poll was a stunning example of what can be achieved with our Ultrasky roof.”

The Ultrasky roof boasts 25% fewer bars than any other comparable system, meaning there is less profile and more glass to ensure maximum light in the room below.

Ultraframe said Ultrasky is the strongest glazed roof on the market, capable of spans up to 8m wide.