The faces behind the machines

Lisec’s 2,300m2 stand will feature black and white photos showing the 150 employees who build the company’s machines.

“In 2016, we were able to greet 7,000 visitors to our booth; this year, we clearly raised the bar and increased our goal for the number of visitors and qualified leads,” Filip Miermans, head of marketing and corporate communications at Lisec, said.

“This year, Lisec is showing all systems featuring the new machine design that was presented in 2016, and for the first time, an area for Glastronic is also planned.

Glastronic, a member of the Lisec Group, specialises in purchasing and selling used Lisec machines, which can also be refurbished.

The company has its headquarters in Hungary, and it also produces glass racks, which will also presented.

Products that Lisec will present at Glasstec include: high-performance machine for automatically cutting flat glass (SprintCut); high-performance machine for automatically cutting laminated glass (VSL-A37/33); flat glass processing line with water jet technology (SplitFin: EPS and MRX-B Water Jet); laminating machine  featuring a high-pressure autoclave (ConvectLam 2); automatic butyl extruder for solid spacers (LBH-B25ARS); and a bending machine for ‘sharp’ corners (BSV-B45NK).

Lisec will also take part in the event ‘Technology – networked production and new technologies’ at the Glasstec conference. Thomas Fehringer (Lisec Service) and Hannes Pils (Lisec Software) will discuss the practical application of digitisation, specifically using a Lisec service as an example (Remote Service).