Ten-minute sliding door installation

Bohle will highlight the opportunities offered to installers by easy-fit architectural glazing systems alongside the latest in hardware and consumables for glass processing, at this year’s FIT Show.

In Bohle’s third appearance at the FIT Show, the company’s new MasterTrack internal sliding door system will be the star of the show, the company said.

Fitted in as little as 10 minutes and requiring no glass processing to install, it’s able to accommodate glass thickness from 8mm to 12.76mm and maximum sash weights of up to 150kg using a single wall mounted or ceiling hung track.

It offers home improvement companies an opportunity for profitable growth using their existing tools and skill sets, Bohle said.

The company will also showcase the EasyMount 6020, base rail balustrading system.

Counterbored, its design means that standard head anchor bolts can be used to mount the system rather than more expensive countersunk headed fixings.

This means that while delivering a heavy-weight performance withstanding a linear load of up to 1.5kN, making it suitable for light commercial, as well as domestic applications, it also cuts material costs by as much as 30%.

With increased distances between mounting points the system also uses fewer fixings, not only reducing costs but making installation faster.

“We’ve seen some very exciting additions in the last year,” Dave Broxton, managing director at Bohle, said. “What connects them is a common focus on efficiency and innovation – allowing installers and glass processors to do more, for less. These are products which maximise opportunity and margin.”

This includes its new range of coloured bathroom and shower hinges, which have been developed by Bohle in partnership with bathroom specialist Grohe and will also be on show at this year’s event, with its popular Europe shower hinge now available in either brushed or polished finishes in chrome, nickel, bronze, gold or graphite. All feature a specially developed PVD coating, guaranteeing through-life performance.

Bohle will also showcase its UV bonding, surface protection, consumables, machine tools, vacuum lifting technology and glass processing tools.

This includes its new high-intensity lightweight UV hand held lamp, which significantly reduces bonding times and delivers increased flexibility in on-site applications, plugging directly into the mains power supply.

UV output comes in at 200mW/cm2, making it ideal for use where a high strength bond is required, for example, fixing hinges to double mirror panels.

It’s also been tested by Bohle to deliver pre-cures (30%) in 30 seconds. Full cures can be achieved in as little as three minutes.

“The UK is leading the way in application of architectural glass and glass technologies,” Dave said. “The innovation that is being delivered is incredible, driving new end user demand.

“This includes demand for balustrading and architectural glass, including internal door and framing systems, which are generating new opportunities in home improvement in addition to commercial markets.”