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Blackburn based Tomred team was having great success with Residence 9 (R9) in its installation business, McDermott Windows, and saw an opportunity to take control of the quality of its products by fabricating R9 and Residence 7 (R7).

Tomred was set up specifically to fabricate Residence Collection systems, and has invested in Residence2 (R2) this year to complete the suite.

Residence Collection is the systems company behind: R7, which is flush inside and out; R9, the original top timber-alternative; and R2, an aluminium-alternative.

Tomred director Stephen McDermott said: “We loved R9 from the start, and McDermott has been installing it for a long time. When Residence Collection and its new systems launched last year it was really exciting. They create an unmissable opportunity for both fabricators and installers, which is why we decided to take the plunge into fabrication.”

The new fabricator has invested in space, people, and machinery to start its Residence Collection fabrication journey.

“We’ve had a great response to Residence Collection from trade customers, self-builders and architects already,” Stephen said. “We’re really excited to see where the next phase of our growth, and our launch of R2, will take us.”

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