Switching on to the benefits

HWL Trade Frames has said that all of its pre-existing Residence 9 accounts have switched to buying in non-glass bonded frames.

The trade fabricator has led the development of an R9 frame-only offer, pioneering the application of Timberweld sash-welding technologies in its manufacture.

This allows HWL to deliver a 90° external and internal butt weld, emulating the appearance of a traditional timber flush casement or mechanically jointed sash. At the same time, because it’s also stronger, the welded sash doesn’t need to be glass bonded – a process used in traditionally mechanically jointed R9 sashes to increase their structural strength, the company said.

Graham Howatson, director at HWL Trade Frames, said: “We carry out regular weld tests as part of our quality control process. The Timberweld unglazed R9 head weld consistently stands up to up to 11 bars or 1,100kN/m2 of pressure. That’s consistent with a standard inline PVCU welded product which ranges from 9-12 bars (900kN/m2 -1,200kN/m2).

“What you get far beyond the ‘standard’ is the 90° butt weld inside and out, so that it looks exactly the same as a mechanical joint but with no requirement to glass bond for strength because it’s already there. That delivers a series of benefits to installers. Handling is easier, fitting is exactly the same as a standard PVCU window, you can buy your glass from your usual supplier, and remedial work is much more straightforward.

“It’s a win all round and every single one of our pre-existing customers has switched onto it without exception. It saves them time, makes their lives far easier and can save them anywhere upwards of £500 per installation.”

In addition to its own in-house testing and conducted in partnership with the Residence Collection, the HWL window was put through its paces under PAS24 at the beginning of May by independent testing house, Exova. This returned a series of clear passes under PAS24 test requirements for mechanical load and manual intervention testing.