Supplier consolidation

Quickslide is consolidating its hardware suppliers effect the cost benefits of closer working relationships.

Operations director Ben Weber said: “We have already developed supply deals on other materials such as spacer bars and have been able to pass on the benefits to our customers. Now, with the weaker pound impacting on prices everywhere, we aim to offset some of the increases by consolidating our supplier list to share the mutual benefits of better prices for us and our customers and greater volumes for those suppliers.

“In some cases, this has allowed us to bring in new suppliers and many new and better products, and even enabled us to consider product ranges that would otherwise have been too expensive. These not only give installers our better-quality offering but also make fabrication easier and so benefit everyone.”

ERA Home Security’s Marc Robinson said: “Such relationships benefit everyone down the line. We are able to share the economies of scale by giving keener prices on a much bigger account. Quickslide passes on the benefits to installers, so they in turn have a better offering for their customers.”

The latest move was triggered largely by the Brexit-driven price increases but is also part of Quickslide’s philosophy of Continuous Improvement which has already led to the establishment of long-term partnerships with suppliers such as Edgetech, Pilkington and Synseal.

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