Successful glassworks

Intermac offers cutting solutions for float glass with different levels of technology to meet customers’ varied production needs providing a blend of quality, productivity and flexibility.

On show will be the Genius RS-A cutting table that offers high cutting precision providing consistent, accurate machining results over time. This is thanks to the planarity of the ground work table, essential for optimal glass machining and break-out operations. In addition, sheet optimisation of the material to be cut means that waste is minimised.

The Genius range is able to interface with pre- and post-cut automation systems, helping to improve plant efficiency and also includes machines designed for high performance cutting lines that can work two or three shifts, therefore supporting high production capacities.

Intermac also offers Movetro storage and handling systems, including classifiers, loading machines, shuttle systems. telescopic loading devices, loading and tilting devices and bridge cranes.

By combining Intermac and Movetro, users can incorporate the key concepts of Industry 4.0, enabling customers to benefit from the new era of digital manufacturing.

Supporting this further is Intermac’s latest service platform, Sophia, which offers the possibility to improve the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of machines as well as providing a cloud based e-parts system. This is Intermac’s initial offering for Industry 4.0 and the IoT (Internet of Things), and creates a digital infrastructure to support manufacturing by providing greater value from machines, helping to make factories more efficient.

The platform provides information and data from connected machines in real time and through intuitive dashboards. This data makes it possible to monitor production, analyse how machines are functioning, identify malfunctions, assist users in maintenance operations, order replacement parts in less time, and conduct preventative maintenance, helping to improve overall machine up-time.

“Intelligent systems are connecting the world,” Chris Arend, UK commercial director said. “This allows businesses to adapt more quickly.

“This adaptation is done either by physical automation or connected facilities. This means a leaner process is required if you want to compete, let alone just protect your business. Intermac wants to help customers transform, and at the show we will demonstrate how we propose to do this together.

“Intermac is no longer just a machinery supplier, we are a partner for our customers, helping them to achieve greater efficiency and therefore better value from their machines.”