Stop the spread of Covid

Surface13 is an antiviral coating that eliminates viruses such as Covid, and stops them from spreading.

The technology prohibits the virus from multiplying, so it dies out, with 94.25% effectiveness from 24 hours and continues throughout the lifetime of the product.

Surface13 is also has top antimicrobial properties and offers 99% effectiveness against bacteria, fungus and mould after 24 hours.

Tested to the international standards that measure antiviral/antimicrobial activity, Surface13 has passed ISO 21702:2019 and ISO 22196:2011. Surface13 has been tested using Sard-COV-2 COV2019 Italy/INMI1 – the strain of Covid that produces Covid and not just a substitute strain.

“It’s important that antiviral products are tested to the specific virus,” Tony Hudson, managing director for Surface Finishing UK, manufacturers of Surface13, said. “Viruses are all different, and the product tests are only valid for the viruses they’re tested against. It’s easy to get confused because some products have tested against feline coronavirus and it looks similar. That’s why we went for a human strain; we needed to know that Surface13 would stop the spread of the Covid.

“It’s indicated from government and the World Health Organisation that we will be living with this virus and its variants for many years, so having something that offers a long-term effective way to stop the spread in homes, workplaces and public buildings is vital.”

There are three ways for products to get antiviral protection for Surface13: during the normal manufacturing process (added into the normal paint or surface finishes); applied on-site or in situ by an accredited Surface13 applicator; or via an aerosol suitable for home use.

“A simple practical use is for metal door handles,” Tony said. “Available in any colour or clear, it also works on kitchen surfaces and doors in the home. One can gives coverage of 2m2, which would cover all the door handles in an average UK home. It costs £99 including VAT.”