Stamping out opportunism

Kenrick is urging fabricators and installers to specify high security hardware products to help homeowners protect their homes against ‘sneak-in’ and ‘home invasion’ burglaries.

Steve Williams, Kenrick’s sales and marketing director, said: “Many police forces have reported a rise in the number of sneak-in thefts and home invasion burglaries as the restrictions have continued and we want to remind people how important it is to secure their homes properly.

“With this pandemic occupying our minds, how many of us think about locking the door while we do things like pop to see a neighbour, wash the car, do some gardening or clean upstairs? And how often do we leave the door unlocked for family members to come home? This is the perfect chance for an opportunist to sneak in and grab a few items without being noticed.

“Even more frightening, is the rising crime of home invasion burglary, where a burglar follows the homeowner to their front door, forces their way in behind them and steals from the home. This type of crime is very distressing, particularly at a time when we all need to feel safe in our homes. Thankfully, it is very simple for homeowners to protect themselves and their properties with the right security products.”

Kenrick’s Excalibur Fast Lock is a high security door lock that has been designed to combat both types of burglary.

Built to the same standards as the Excalibur door lock, the Excalibur Fast Lock operates in the same way as a standard lever/lever lock. Its main difference is when closing the door, the user lifts the lever as they enter through the door and it is then securely locked from both sides without having to use a key. To unlock the door, the user turns the key and pushes the handle down.

Furthermore, the user cannot accidentally lock themselves out; they have to physically throw the lever to engage the hooks to lock the door.

The door lock will also work with a thumb turn cylinder as an option which eliminates the need to use the key on the inside to open the door.

The Excalibur Fast Lock uses three sintered steel hooks and two steel anti-lift bolts to deliver its strength and security. Three roller cams provide =/-1mm adjustable compression, with one roller placed directly below the gearbox to aid with compression in the centre of the door. The gearbox is sprung on both spindles, which means that there is no need for costly sprung handle sets.