Solution for Scottish regs

The 5000EQA from the Glazpart Link Vent range of plastic injection moulded trickle ventilators has been added to Carl F Groupco’s hardware catalogue.

The vent meets building standards requirements, including Scottish Building Regulations.

The 5000EQA offers one of the highest decibel ratings for non-acoustic vents, and a capability of achieving higher performance, and improved EQA, on smaller vents, the company said.

With a distribution centre in Cumbernauld, Scotland is an important market for Carl F Groupco and the ability to meet local regs was a key part of the appeal of Glazpart’s ventilator range.

John Mitchell, Carl F Groupco’s technical manager, said: “At Carl F Groupco we are focussed on making life easier for our customers: we like to take the pain out of hardware purchasing. As part of this ethos, we ensure that our products meet local standards – Glazpart’s 5000EQA is an excellent example of this as it supports The Building (Scotland) Regulations, which increased the required ventilation (EQA) for habitable rooms.”

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