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Roof Maker has been awarded a trademark for its range of Slimline roof lanterns.

The company also said that the glass unit seals are 80% deeper than other products, “reducing the risk of condensation and increasing product life expectancy”. Roof Maker offers a 20-year glass unit guarantee across all of its rooflights.

Vanessa Howard, chief marketing officer at Roof Maker, said: “We were the first manufacturer to bring a Slimline roof lantern to the market and have been selling them in greater numbers than any of our competitors for a number of years now. Whilst other brands may be using the term slimline, the successful trademark application proves that Roof Maker’s roof lanterns are officially the slimmest available in the UK and this is something we are very proud of as a business.

“It goes without saying that as a business Roof Maker will seek to protect this trademark at any opportunity. The successful trademark is also further proof of our commitment to continue to deliver market leading and innovative products to our customers, making sure we offer the very best solutions available.”

The company said the slim glazing bars and “ultra-thin” aluminium-capped glazing joints make Roof Maker’s Slimline roof lantern the slimmest available. Its 40º pitch also allows rainwater to flow off, eliminating the risk of unsightly dirt build up over time, and the Reflex glazing will deliver a U-value as low as 0.7W/m2K.

Roof Maker’s Slimline roof lanterns also feature a built-in insulated upstand, which is fully thermally broken with Styrofoam.

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