Slate finish

The new Envirotile Natural Slate Tile available from Icotherm Solid Roof is backed by a 25-year 8Fix storm-proof manufacturer’s guarantee, which runs alongside the 10-year guarantee from Icotherm.

The Envirotile is fast to fit with an interlocking system, and more square metres can be covered with fewer tiles.

Icotherm’s Dave Jackson said: “We designed the Icotherm roof to be quick and easy to fit so installers could be on and off-site as quickly as possible and fit in more jobs. Adding Envirotile and Enviroslate to our range of roof finishes will make the process even faster.”

Dave continued: “It takes just 11.9 tiles to cover a square metre so it’s a cost-effective finish. Plus, the tile looks great. It really does give a natural slate effect, which is exactly what we need from a lightweight, high-performance roof tile for Icotherm Solid Roof.”

Envirotile is BBA Certified, manufactured from recycled plastic and has a Greenspec award.