Single system for residential and commercial

Bohle has announced the launch of its new EasyMount Vario balustrade system, which has been engineered to be suitable for use across domestic and commercial applications.

Accommodating glass thicknesses of 12mm-21.52mm, and suitable for interior or exterior use, it offers two linear load options in a single system defined by the distance between mounting points.

This includes a standard residential application of 0.74kN, when fixed every 20cm or a 1.5kN load with fixings at 10cm centres, making the EasyMount Vario suitable for a wide range of commercial applications.

“The latest Easymount Vario balustrade channel offers both strength and flexibility, with two linear load options,” Dave Broxton, managing director at Bohle, said.

“With larger drilling distances in residential applications, it also reduces costs, while suitable for domestic and commercial applications, minimises stock holding.

“Offering full adjustment from the balcony side of up to 34mm to the perpendicular, the EasyMount Vario also eliminates the requirement for and cost of, scaffolding, making working at height safer, while easily accommodating imperfections in base materials to guarantee a perfect install.”

The EasyMount Vario is also available as a side mounted system for use in private residential applications only, achieving a 0.74kN loading with a mounting distance at intervals of just 40cm.

Side mounted and top mounted systems both use connecting pins to simplify alignment and support a high precision fit.

“What we’re now seeing is a far wider application and appeal of balustrading, particularly in private residential markets. This represents a significant opportunity for glass processors, including in the pull-through of core product that it delivers,” Dave said.