Sills without the seams

Emplas has added seamless bay sill welds to its product range following investment in a new Graf SLS Seamless Sill Welder, supplied by Promac Group.

Kush Patel, deputy managing director of Emplas, said: “Bay and porch windows are invariably at the front of a property, they tend to be in high-profile positions next to doors and standard surface finish, if we’re honest as an industry, the standard probably hasn’t been good enough.

“The Graf allows us to manufacture a very robust bay window but most importantly an infinitely better one with massively improved aesthetics, something which particularly stands out on foiled products.

“If you’re in a retail environment and in front of a homeowner it’s going to be an instant sell because it’s so much better than a standard weld, which often protrudes and can be an eye-sore. If a customer also spending thousands of pounds on a conservatory, they do not want to be questioning why the weld on their sills are rough or potentially have marks where they have been polished.”

The SLS taps into the same welding technology developed by Graf in its SL4 FF Seamless Welder. This zip welds joints while controlling the flow of sprue, delivering a stronger and almost invisible weld.