Show stopper

A new bespoke display Pod for the Lumi window and door range is being trialled by approved dealer Crystal Clear Bristol, with a view to rolling it out across the system’s retailer network.

The Pod, which is already the centre of attention in the retailer’s showroom, is styled directly after manufacturer Apeer’s exhibition stand, with the specific aim of targeting leads generated by the company’s busy schedule of lifestyle exhibitions.

“So many homeowners are knocked out by Lumi at consumer shows wherever we go,” said Apeer’s marketing manager Linda Tomb. “Now, they can step into a showroom and pick up on it immediately, with not only the same products but the same look and style, so they know straight away what they are looking at.

“We are already passing out hundreds of leads generated from lifestyle shows like Grand Designs Live to our retail partners around the country. This Pod will enable them to make the very most of those leads as well as providing a striking display for everyone else who walks into any showroom.

“From what we have learned from this first unit, we are confident they could be in a good few more showrooms by Christmas.”

Crystal Clear Bristol is an established outlet for the Apeer door range and, as MD James Mizen explained, the Pod was integral to the move into Lumi.

“We knew about Lumi and we went to the HQ in Ireland to see for ourselves,” he said. “We knew straight away this was something we wanted to sell and we signed up for the Pod while we were there.

“It was fitted by the Apeer guys in three days. We have the Lumi window, the door and the new glass entrance door in the unit and most people who come into the showroom comment on it and love the idea. Hopefully, this will allow us to grow the Lumi brand as south west agent for the system.”