Shades of grey

Aluplast UK has added agate grey to its stock foil offer, increasing the number of its popular colour options that are available off the shelf in the UK.

These also include anthracite grey on white, anthracite grey on both sides on a grey substrate, as well as other grey options.

Aluplast’s capacity to service increasing end user demand for colours and finish stems from significant investment in foiling lines and CNC foiling technology, the company said. This has helped to introduce consistent high quality of product while dramatically reducing production time.

Ian Cocken, director of sales and marketing at Aluplast UK, said: “We’ve noticed a significant uptake in orders for agate grey. It’s an option that is very much in demand and is particularly suited to products such as our flush casement.

“That coincides with a major uplift for foiled products in general, especially over the course of the current home improvement boom where homeowners have been in a position to upgrade their standard white PVC windows and doors with a more premium, higher value replacement.

“The scale of our resources at Aluplast means we are better positioned than most to cater for the growing market for colour. That’s reflected in the fact that foils now account for almost half of our total order volume.”