Security upgrade

Tradelink Window Solutions has chosen to use the Excalibur door lock from Kenrick for its ‘Homeguard’ branded PVCU doors.

Kenrick and Tradelink worked together to finetune the lock before it was fully tested in-house at Tradelink to ensure that it comfortably achieved PAS 24 to meet Secured by Design.

Jim Moody, managing director at Tradelink, said: “We had been working with our previous supplier for 10 years and had been happy with the product. However, we knew that we could improve on the security of our lock and we wanted to make some refinements that would speed up the fitting time for our fabricators and installers. We looked at several systems and eventually opted for Kenrick’s Excalibur door lock because it’s a proven and robust solution that we knew would guarantee years of trouble-free service for homeowners.

“We routinely measure all our suppliers on how easy they are to work with and score them on lead times, shortages and stock-outs. Kenrick has always been in our top three so we had absolute confidence that they could fulfil all our supply requirements without any interruptions for us.

“Switching suppliers can be daunting, but our move to the Excalibur door lock was seamless – Kenrick supported us throughout the transition, so much so that they’ve now taken the top spot on our supplier list.”

Every PVCU door made by Tradelink is now fitted with the Excalibur door lock and Kenrick trained Tradelink’s fabricators on how to fit them correctly.

The Excalibur door lock features three sintered steel hook bolts, which are supported by two steel anti lift pins for added security and three roller cams to provide compression and smooth operation. The lock is fully extendable to give the fabricator maximum flexibility. In addition, the gearbox is sprung on both spindles, which eliminates the need to buy more costly sprung handle sets. A one piece keep is available as are individual hook roller and centre hook latch and roller keeps.

The Excalibur door lock is Secured by Design approved and meets the requirements of PAS 24. It has been function tested to in excess of 100,000 cycles and exceeds the requirements of BS EN 1670 Grade 4 (severe) rating for salt spray corrosion resistance.