Secure system support

Dynamic 2D door hinges from SFS are being used on The Residence Collection window and door ranges.

Residence 9 replicates the traditional style of 19th century flush sash windows, while the Residence 7 and Residence2 Collections provide the market with more contemporary windows and doors.

SFS was chosen as a partner for its inward opening doors, with their Dynamic 2D hinges providing strength, security, aesthetics and long term reliability, the company sais.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection said: “Developing The Residence Collection has brought together the best technical minds, with SFS playing a key role. It was vitally important to get the door hinges right, to reflect the quality of the Residence Collection brand – and that’s why we partnered with SFS for its Dynamic 2D hinges.

“These hinges have enabled us to create open-in doors, which combine fantastic looks with smooth opening and closing, and the long term assurance of robustness and security.”

By developing bespoke sash plates, SFS has ensured a precise and secure attachment to the open-in sash for an attractive result that characterises the brand and protects against door sagging.

Residence Collection doors have also been tested to the requirements of BS-PAS 024, allowing for Secured by Design licensing.