Secure and dry

Quickslide’s Legacy VS window has passed the testing regime for the PAS 24:2016 security standard, as well as the latest weather resistance performance requirements.

Based on the Spectus vertical slider Legacy was enhanced with additional reinforcement and longer screws to secure location, side extrusion blocks, sash locators, and upgraded locks, keeps, latch and aluminium tilt arms, all supplied by ERA.

Quickslide’s managing director Ben Weber said: “For us, it’s not just about passing the tests, but ensuring that we uphold these high standards by manufacturing each and every frame with consistent performance, quality and production efficiency.”

Manual PAS 24 testing includes attacking the window with various tools to try and displace the beading, with an aim of removing the glass to gain entry. A force of up to 3kN is applied in various positions in an attempt to dislodge the sashes from the frames. This year’s PAS 24 testing included a window that was just 420mm wide, reassuring customers that Legacy can still meet the security standard, even at its minimum size.

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