Sales software ‘just got easier’

If you sell conservatories or solid roof extensions and already use software, you’ll know the benefits it can bring: improved consumer confidence and improved conversions.

However, lots of businesses still don’t use software to sell because some sales people are uneasy about the technical skills needed to master the software (and no-one wants to look daft in front of a customer!). To address this, RPS has dramatically improved and simplified its Roofwright App for iPads and Android devices. 

Both conservatories and solid roof extensions can be drawn in moments, and you (or literally anyone) can learn to use the app in a minute or two, no matter how few technical skills you possess. Simply pick the design and size, use the built-in camera to take a photo of your customer’s house or garden, and show them how their new design will look from the outside looking in, and also, just as importantly, the inside looking out. 

Scaling, rotating and moving the image on the photo are just done with simple swipes of your finger, and all options are available in a single, simple menu. You can even slide bifold doors open and closed to show your customer how they work.

A wide range of colours, glazing and tiling are available, as well as different flooring, wall colours and wall layouts.

Your customer will immediately be able to see what you’re doing, and confirm that the design is right for them (or not, in which case just pick another). One of the biggest unspoken objections is your customer not clearly understanding what you’re proposing, and the app removes this risk completely.

Hints and help are built into the app, and the website contains tutorial videos. Failing that, you can always call the RoofWright team for telephone support.

The RoofWright App is rented for a monthly fee, with a rolling contract, which you can cancel at any time. There’s even a seven-day risk-free trial available.

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