Safe pair of hands

Adrian Barraclough, chairman of Quickslide, has endorsed Mighton’s Angel Ventlock, a window opening control devices designed to prevent children opening and falling from windows.

Adrian, a father of four including an 18-month-old boy, was in the process of reviewing his company’s hardware choices when he decided to go public with his support for the Mighton designed and manufactured product “as a father as well as a manufacturer of windows and doors to the trade”.

Originally designed for traditional sash windows, the Angel Ventlock is a low-cost, easily fitted device that prevents children from opening windows and thus avoiding the danger of falling; and yet it may be easily opened for egress by adults.

Adrian says installing it is a ‘no brainer’ and that Quickslide will push its customers to ensure they offer it to their home owners where young children obviously live in the property.

“Of course I have always been aware of the dangers of children falling from heights but that has been heightened since I became a father again and have been reminded just how inquisitive and determined babies can be,” said Adrian. “The Angel Ventlock really is the most effective product of its type in our opinion and we have no hesitation in offering the device. The cost of peace of mind where children are concerned is incalculable.