Safe and secure balcony systems

The latest Juliette and Paris balconies from CRL meet the growing trend for creating a sleek impression and allowing for ample natural light to enter buildings.

Increasingly being specified for new buildings and added to existing dwellings, for practical and decorative purposes, Juliette and Paris balconies provide a a safety barrier by means of the balustrades or railings.

Available in brushed or polished finish the CRL Juliette Balcony System is made from 316 stainless steel. Designed for use with 12mm toughened glass or 13.52mm toughened laminated glass, the top and bottom rail provide reassurance and safety should the glass fail.

The CRL Paris Balcony system designed to be used with 13.52mm, 17.52mm and 21.52mm toughened laminated glass has a minimal frameless design. The 1,200mm long profiles can be face fixed or reveal fixed to brickwork, concrete or steel and are supplied in a grey or white finish. A top cap rail is not required as the toughened laminated glass offers extra protection if one single pane fails. Paris creates a streamlined finish and offers an uninterrupted view from the balcony.

Unlike a bolt-on balcony or those with a deck, Juliette and Paris balconies do not need the foundations of a property to be re-evaluated to accommodate them. This makes them a more widely used solution for refurbishment and renovation construction projects.

Both CRL Balcony systems are tested to comply with building and safety regulations, including BS6180:2011.