Quicker roof solutions

The Global conservatory roof now has a variable pelmet, which creates a quick and easy internal orangery solution.

Robyn Atwell, senior project manager at Monmouthshire Conservatory Company, said orangeries now make up 90% of their conservatory sales.

“A system like Global Summer has all the decorative features of an orangery but doesn’t require the Building Regulations often needed for full structural orangeries,” Robyn said. “The system has very distinct mouldings on its cornices which gives it that more traditional appearance than other systems, and that meets the demand we are seeing from our customers.

“Out of the next five projects we have lined up, only one of those is a traditional lean-to conservatory and the rest will be Global Summer orangeries. It’s a great benefit for us to be able to use the same Global roof system to create multiple roof types – it means our fitters feel more comfortable with the product and can build quicker, meaning less time on site.

“We recently started selling Synseal’s Global system again and have been thrilled with the results. Synseal’s conservatory technical team spent some time with our carpenters on site and they were brilliant, talking the team through the new variable pelmet system and giving them the confidence to install on their own. The pelmet makes a real difference for us – it’s speedy to install, easy to transport and can be stored on sites much more easily than other products we have worked with. It arrives on site pre-drilled so one person can install it on their own. We’re training our in-house electrician to fit the rafter alongside the electrical work, which will save us a whole day on site meaning we can release the installation earlier and get our team onto other jobs.”

The Global variable pelmet adapts to suit pitches from 12.5° to 35° and 300mm-1,100mm depths.