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The Window Company (Contracts) is the first customer to start using Tradelink’s new ‘Window Designer for the Cloud’ online ordering system.

Because the Chelmsford-based commercial installer already routinely orders online from its other suppliers, it was quick off the mark to take advantage of Tradelink’s new initiative.

Managing director Rob Petre said: “Online ordering saves us time, cuts out unnecessary paperwork and eliminates the risk of errors from data being inputted incorrectly. In fact, it has become such a significant benefit for us that it is now one of our key criteria when we choose a new supplier.”

Customers don’t need to download any proprietary software or configure new hardware to use it, they just log in from their standard PC and order exactly as they would have done on paper or over the phone.

Orders placed online are placed straight into its manufacturing system so lead times are kept to a minimum.

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