Quarter century

Fabricator Tradesmith celebrates 25 years of manufacturing this year, and has been with VBH from day one.

Mark Hutchinson, managing director of Tradesmith, said: “It’s been a very successful relationship from the start. VBH has the same ethos as Tradesmith:

quality products, reliable service and delivery, and close attention to the needs of the customer. As soon as it came out we took on VBH’s own greenteQ range as it’s the perfect fit. It’s now our standard furniture option. Our fabricators find it easy to work with and our customers appreciate the quality.

“Our customers require hardware which performs well in harsh conditions, so we turned to VBH for help. In response to feedback from us, and other customers, VBH has come up with the greenteQ Coastline range – perfect for seaside installations. The stainless-steel material means it’s passed every test thrown at it. Installers love it – the 25-year guarantee means they don’t face hassle from homeowners, and the designs and overall quality are very popular.”