Putting secondary glazing first

Sales of secondary glazing (SDG) have gone through the roof for Buckinghamshire based fabricators Incarnation Window Systems.

The Olney firm said it is producing 100 SDG units a week, with that number likely to accelerate with more investments in staff and infrastructure in the months ahead.

Established in 2012, Incarnation was developed alongside Roseview Windows, to become a leading name in secondary glazing.

Roseview’s sliding sash windows have been installed in conservation areas around the country, but the company has always been aware that there are some properties where PVCU replacements aren’t feasible.

“Secondary glazing is ideal for situations where you cannot or don’t want to replace the existing single glazed windows, such as in a listed building, and Incarnation offers every style to cover every type of project,” director Paul Bygrave (son of Roseview’s chairman Steve Bygrave) said.

“Classic is our super slim line range, while Optimum is our new line of products particularly in tune with commercial specifications.”

Steve Bygrave said: “It’s fantastic to see Incarnation hitting the 100 windows per week milestone. We launched Incarnation back in 2012 initially to give Roseview trade customers another string to their bow, but the business has really taken off and is now running off its own steam. In fact, Roseview is now starting to win sales off the back of Incarnation’s success, which is great to see.”

Steve’s father Douglas began the family business with secondary glazing in 1969.

“Secondary glazing is in our blood, so it’s no surprise the business is going from strength to strength,” Paul said.