Proud pod owners

Ripton Windows and Conservatories of Basingstoke has installed the Lumi Display Pod from Apeer in its showroom.

“Our Pod has proved to be an excellent addition to our showroom,” managing director Matthew Ripton said. “It very clearly shows how Lumi stands out from just about everything else. Lumi is so different that it has to be seen for real and in our experience there is no better way of showing it at its very best that with the Pod.”

“We’re finding the same reaction everywhere we install a Lumi Pod,” Apeer’s marketing manager Linda Tomb said. “Lumi is something dealers naturally want to show off and we have given them all they need to make it the focal point of any showroom. We not only made a point of featuring the Pod system on our FIT Show stand but we built the pods so that they can be taken down and installed straight into more dealers’ showrooms.”