Professional sealant

Hodgson Sealants has launched Silfix U8, which has been specifically formulated and packaged for the professional applicator.

Silfix U8 is a low modulous, neutral cure, solvent free, alkoxy silicone sealant. It provides excellent application characteristics and outstanding adhesion to a wide range of substrates used in the building envelope, the company said. Packaged in a large 380ml cartridge, Silfix U8 is available in white, black, buff, brown, anthracite grey, grey and brick red.

It has been developed, tested and manufactured in the UK and is CE Marked for facade applications, including cold climates.

Gary Thomas, commercial director of Hodgson Sealants said: “We in the process of expanding our range of sealants for the professional applicator and Silfix U8 is an important addition.”