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The success of fabricator The Fascia Place is partly down to the support of key suppliers, the company reported recently.

At the start of 2016, The Fascia Place stopped buying in its windows and doors and took control of its own production and supply. The company appointed experienced production manager Stuart Shearman to head up a new factory which, 18 months on, is producing more than 100 windows and doors a week, supplying The Fascia Place’s 13 trade depots across the south, and its sister commercial company RC Grant.

What has been crucial to the success of the new venture, the company said, has been the support of key suppliers including Liniar and Mila.

Stuart Shearman said: “We wanted a hardware supplier who would see the bigger picture of what we wanted to achieve and support us, not just with competitive pricing but also with access to technical advice and even product testing.

“Mila has been with us every step of the way so far and has delivered on every promise the team made. Through them, we get access to quality products at every price point to suit the trade and commercial customers we are supplying, and we have amazing service on deliveries.

“More than that though, they’ve supported us with performance and security testing of our windows and doors and have even helped us to work alongside Liniar to get one of our 30-minute fire doors fully tested and accredited for our commercial customers.”

The Fascia Place factory features highly automated machines to maximise productivity, and Mila has advised on the most efficient fabrication methods for products including its Evolution hinge and ProSecure door handle.

Mila supplies all of the company’s hardware requirements, including some third party products by Yale which come with the same Mila guarantees on prompt delivery.

The Fascia Place is already planning to expand, investing in a new factory and opening further new depots during the course of 2018.

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