Plug-free fixings

StarFix masonry screws from Rapierstar could help installers achieve a better all-round result in less time and without generating unnecessary plastic waste, the company said.

StarFix fasteners are designed for quick and easy installation, requiring only a 6mm or 6.5mm pilot hole through the frame, reinforcement and brickwork before the screw can be driven into place. This saves time as there is no need to drill to accommodate a plug or anchor and plastic waste is reduced.

David Furness, MD at Rapierstar, said: “Despite being a proven option for frame fixing, plug-free masonry screws are not always favoured by installers, usually in our experience as a result of a negative experience using poorly designed fasteners. This is because many of the plug-free frame fixings currently on the market are not ideally suited the traditional brick and block wall construction of UK buildings – instead many were designed mainly for use in honeycomb clay blocks widely used in continental Europe.”

The StarFix range of plug-free masonry screws is specifically designed for British style blocks with a ‘hi-lo’ thread form. This is a varied thread height to fulfil different roles as the screw is driven through the frame and into the masonry. A higher level thread cuts into the masonry and the alternate low thread allows for dust to be compacted. This ensures a secure fix by preventing the masonry, dust and debris build up affecting the grip and pull-out strength, and allowing for multiple re-fixing without stripping the tapped hole.

The hi-lo thread form also helps prevent unreinforced PVCU frames jacking or twisting as the frame fixing is driven through. Some fastener threads may grip too much, and this can easily cause distortion of the profile if it lacks lateral rigidity in the absence of reinforcement. The StarFix range’s thread design along the length of the fastener is optimised to cater for the contradictory requirements for the different material types – plastic, brick, metal, etc.