Perfect finish

Bond It has launched a new sealant applicator tool kit that makes it easier than ever for even the novice sealant user to achieve flawless results, the company said.

Applying sealants and achieving the perfect finish isn’t always easy. Too much, too little or even inconsistent pressure on the trigger of an applicator gun can leave you with a bead or surface that is non-uniform, non-linear and ugly.

The new kits feature four profiling tools that can be used to smooth and shape sealant applied in recessed, flush or fillet joints to leave a more attractive, neat and tidy finish, and can accommodate any joint measuring up to 28mm as well as any angle including 45°, 90° and 180°.

They can also be used to create both concave grooves and convex shapes, and are suitable for use with any type of sealant employed in both internal and external applications.

Kirstie Cooper, marketing manager at Bond It, said: “The new sealant applicator kits are an ideal choice for businesses targeting DIY customers as well as for stockists looking for a value-adding item they can combine or giveaway with other Bond It products – for instance as part of a sales promotion. They’re also a far superior and more effective alternative to another ‘tool’ commonly used for smoothing and finishing sealant – namely a wet finger.”